Virtual Office PBX (click for pricing and full feature set)

Your business never sits still. Your employees may be down the hall, across the nation, or even on the other side of the world. And your customers could be anywhere too. You need a communications solution that can help you keep in touch faster and more efficiently than ever. Voiceway Virtual Office PBX can take you there by providing increased productivity with a lower monthly cost than traditional analog telephone service.

Virtual Office Hosted PBX Benefits include:

  • Amazing value – You’ll potentially save up to 50% on your monthly phone bill. Additionally, you could recognize up to 90% savings off the start up costs required of a traditional PBX solution (since you won’t need one!). And think about how much Internet faxing, conference calling and call recording cost to buy separately – they’re all included with Voiceway Hosted PBX.
  • Complete communications solution – You could drive yourself crazy buying phones from one place, calling plans from another, and then dealing with outside fax, call recording, and conferencing services. Simplify your life. Get all these services on one bill, from one experienced and reliable provider.
  • Simple to use – Virtual Office Hosted PBX has a flexible set up to get you the services that your business needs. All you need is a high speed Internet connection to tap into all the great phone and features waiting for you with Virtual Office PBX. All of our phone services are carrier-neutral, meaning as long as you have an existing reliable high speed Internet connection, you can take advantage of our phone service.
  • Quality and reliability – All of our services offer superior call quality and reliability; with Voiceway it just works better.
  • One advanced phone system – With employees anywhere, all of your workers are on the same advanced phone system. Whether they are remote, traveling, or across the hall, your employees can be an extension call away from each other.

By simplifying and integrating communications, we can help you be more productive, operate more efficiently, and save incredible amounts of time and money. That’s what unified communications from Voiceway is all about. Sound intriguing? Give us a call at 774-627-2100 to find out what we can do for your business.


Small Business Services (click for pricing and full feature set)
Voiceway phone service offers unlimited local, long distance and amazingly low rates to call worldwide, over a clear, reliable connection. In addition to crystal-clear calling, we also offer business fax services, including inbound Fax to Email.

FAX Services include

  • The ability to connect a physical fax machine
  • Incoming faxes sent to the email addresses of your choice


Carrier Termination (click to contact us for a custom quote)
Voiceway Offers Termination and origination services for those businesses that already have an existing VoIP Solution.

We offer competitive pricing on selected VoIP call termination routes. Voiceway is an expert in originating and termination of carrier class VoIP traffic.

Please contact our Sales team by clicking the link above or calling us at 774-627-2100 to discuss your requirements and get a quote.

Prices starting at $19.95 month for 500 outbound minutes, with unlimited inbound calling. IP PRI trunks as well as SIP trunks are available, beginning at $299/month.


Residential (click for pricing and full feature set)
Say goodbye to your old Phone Company, and save lots of money!

Put your existing High Speed Internet connection to work for you…

Voiceway phone service offers unlimited local, long distance and amazingly low rates to call worldwide, over a clear, reliable connection.

Voiceway VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) is so easy to use and inexpensive, even the tech-nervous can handle the switch.