Fluttering sounds and/or Dropped calls

Q: While Im on the phone the conversation seems to stutter or flutter, what is this and how do I fix it ?

A: This effect is most likely due to a degraded internet connection. This situation can also happen in reverse, where the conversation sounds fine to you, but the other party on the call hears these artifacts. This is situation is referred to as Jitter, and can happen in either direction, where only one side of the conversation hears the artifact. There are several remedies to correct this, and it is particular to your connection and network. Typically installing or configuring a router with QoS (Quality of Service) setup for VoIP protocol is a good solution. This insures that Voice traffic through your internet connection has Priority over all other traffic. This will help in most circumstances, but in no means is a panacea for every situation.

Please Note: 

Netgear routers use both a problematic NAT and SPI.
You may need to place the ATA into a DMZ zone on a Netgear.
We do not recommend using Netgear Routers.

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