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General Troubles and Solutions

I have a RED light on One button, all the others are off

If you are using a a Phone device (not an ATA) this generally indicates that there is a network connection issue.  The indication generally means the cable is unplugged somewhere, or that it is defective. Many times it is a … Continue reading

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How many Phones can I attach to my Adaptor Box?

Its a little more complicated than that, the simple answer is at least 3.  But because today’s modern telephones have lower requirements for ringers than the ‘standard’ bells of days gone by, you can usually do more. In order to … Continue reading

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I get No Dialtone on my ATA (analog adaptor)

A couple things you can check quickly The lights on the ATA device are on and solid, specifically the Power, Ethernet, and Line1 indicators. If the Ethernet light is out, that means that there is likely a connection problem between … Continue reading

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Why do I get Phantom Rings

Pahntom rings are related to the system and voicemail to your line. This is a feature on most Standard Phone Adaptor boxes (ATA’s), that may be desirable for some and a total annoyance for others. When you have an un … Continue reading

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Fluttering sounds and/or Dropped calls

Q: While Im on the phone the conversation seems to stutter or flutter, what is this and how do I fix it ? A: This effect is most likely due to a degraded internet connection. This situation can also happen … Continue reading

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