Standard Call Features (web and phone access)

Features ( All features may not be available )

If you are logged in as the end user (Setup->Users has a list)

Then you will get an additional menu to the right, this is a per extension selction. You must select Edit on one of these to make changes to a particular extension !

Don’t forget to Click on the “Confirm Data” button on the bottom when done

Function List

Description of function                   Dial Access   Data


Voicemail:                                 *123 
General Voicemail:                         *124 
Voicemail Transfer:                        *125

Call Forwarding

Enable Call Forwarding:                    *71
Disable Call Forwarding:                   *72

Caller ID

Block CallerID once:                       *81
Unblock CallerID:                          *68

Advanced Features


Record Greeting:                           *301
Change Greeting:                           *303
Overwrite Greeting:                        *304

System Tests

Music On Hold:                             *388
Echo Audio Read:                           *398


Speed Dial:                                *130
Other Networks:                            *188
Listen to CDR recordings:                  *170

Enhanced Services

Last Caller:                               *149
Monitoring:                                *199

Speakerphone Paging

Speakerphone Page:                         *399
Single Speakerphone Page:                  *400
Groups Speakerphone Page:                  *600

Group Hunt

Toggle Do Not Disturb:                     *77
Enable Do Not Disturb:                     *78
Disable Do Not Disturb:                    *79
Enable Group Hunt:                         *510
Disable Group Hunt:                        *511

Follow Me

Enable Follow Me:                          *520
Disable Follow Me:                         *521

Call Parking

Call Park:                                 700
Call Park Start:                           701
Call Park End:                             720
Call Park Timeout (sec):                   45
Enhanced Call Park:                        800
Call Pickup:                               *88
Call Pickup Asterisk:                      *8
Parked Calls Transfer:                      Disable                        
Parked Calls Recording:                     Disable                        


Agent Static Login:                        *200
Agent Static Logout:                       *201

Operation Times

Open Operation Times:                      *401
Close Operation Times:                     *402
Reset Operation Times:                     *403
Midnight Reset:                             yes/no

Operation Times BLFs

Open/Close:                                *404
Close/Reset:                               *405

Hot Desking

Hot Desking:                               *555
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