How do I change my connection settings ?

On occasion the end user may need to Adjust some of the settings to make it the device work on their network

The following will give the end user some very basic access to these settings

  • Plug a phone into port 1
  • dial **** (4 stars) the unit should say “configuration menu”
  • then dial 110 #
The unit will now speak back to you what IP address it has obtained
On these Units they come Shipped with a default LAN IP address of ( if factory reset)

The units Default to DHCP on the WAN settings, they can also be set to

 DHCP______: Automatically Obtain the IP address
 Static IP_: Manually Set all the network settings
 PPPoE_____: Automatically Get the IP access from the ISP  *
 PPPoE,DHCP: A combination of the above trying PPPoE first *
 DHCP,PPPoE:  or DHCP first                                *

   * PPPoE requires a username and password to be supplied from your ISP,
     and is typically used Only with a Bridge device on DSL connections
  • From there go into the interface using your Web Browser (Firefox, internet Explorer etc) ( http://[ipAddress from above]

The Network settings are under the ‘WAN Setup’ Tab.

Settings change location

Typical Settings page for Cisco/Linksys devices

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