Transfering a call directly to Voicemail

To transfer a call directly to Voicemail on your SIP Phone

During the call use the arrow key below the display and select Blind Transfer then Dial *extension#( STAR & number) Then pres the Dial Key….

Alternately you cam press the Transfer key, then at the new dialtone dial *ext, once it picks up on the VM box, press the transfer key.

On a Standard Phone

After you answer the call place the caller on hold by doing a ‘hook flash’.
This can be done on most phones with a flash button, or it may be called ‘recall’.
If you do not have a flash button you can do the same thing by quickly pressing the hangup switch on the phone and releasing it (less than a half second). dial *number and hang up, the connected caller (on hold) will be transferred directly into the voicmail box

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