Why do I get Phantom Rings

Pahntom rings are related to the system and voicemail to your line.
This is a feature on most Standard Phone Adaptor boxes (ATA’s), that may be desirable for some and a total annoyance for others.

When you have an un checked Voicemail waiting for you the Phone will give a short ring every 4-5 minutes, reminding you that you have a voicemail that needs to be checked.

To stop the reminder either:

  1. Log in to your voicemail on the phone and listen to all the new messages
  2. Log in to your Account on-line and access your voicemail folder. Then go into your Voicemail ‘INBOX” and listen to your message(s).
    If there are messages in your Inbox the reminder will continue, so select the check box next to the message (or select the all at the top of the list) then either delete the message, or move it to another folder
  3. Contact us to give you directions to disable the reminder ring on your VoIP device.  This will eliminate the reminders forever (you will still get a stuttering dial tone when you first pick up your phone indicating messages waiting)
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