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How many Phones can I attach to my Adaptor Box?

Its a little more complicated than that, the simple answer is at least 3.  But because today’s modern telephones have lower requirements for ringers than the ‘standard’ bells of days gone by, you can usually do more. In order to … Continue reading

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Can I use Custom Ring Tones ?

These are specific to the SPA 508G, but are compatible with the most of Linksys/Cisco SPA series of telephones (Not adaptors) Q. What and how many ring tones does the Cisco SPA 508G support? A. The SPA 508G supports 10 … Continue reading

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What Hardware is supported ? Can I use my own Equipment ?

Any SIP compatable device is capable of being used on the system, but there is a level of fully supported and integrated versus being able to be used with the system. Fully supported devices include the following: Linksys SPA series … Continue reading

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Resetting Your Hardware Device

This is not as straightforward as pushing and holding the reset button, like on many consumer devices. The answer for ATA (devices you connect your standard phone to) is very different than that of a VoIP Phone device. There are … Continue reading

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